Checkerboard Cookies


I had the kitchen to myself for three blissful hours.  So I amused myself by tackling checkerboard cookies.  I had seen them on A Cozy Kitchen and they looked impressive but seemed like a manageable project.

I had no idea where to find freeze dried strawberries on this rock.  So where she blitzed freeze dried strawberries with sugar, I improvised with about a tablespoon of dried rosemary.  Rosemary and chocolate make a fine pairing.

I didn’t find a need to brush every layer with egg wash to help it stick and the cookies came out fine.

Waste not, want not.  I couldn’t be arsed to try to make more strips for another checkerboard so I mushed the scraps together and got a pretty marble-y effect.  Actually if I ever make these cookies again (and it’s such a simple cookie dough so why not), maybe I will just mush two flavours into marble-y cookies and call it a marble cookie instead.

Ratio by weight

1 Flour : 1 Butter : 0.75 Sugar

makes 1 portion of dough


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